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Ability: While most of the work is done on hourly basis, check who is giving the best rates for you. Choose plumber or the plumbing company based on the reputation and reviews of the customers rather than the cost alone.Your realtor will show you several properties and allow you the time to ponder on each one before you finally decide to invest in a property. Before you make your decision, think on the following lines. When you look at a property, also look at how it is blending in with the rest of your surroundings. Are you going to be placed around the corner of a busy road where traffic will constantly be zipping past your windows? Do you have enough of space around to maintain your privacy with the neighbors, yet have them close on hand if you need them? Who are your neighbors and are they amiable? If you have children, you will also want to look into how many are there in the vicinity to ensure that yours is not alone.